Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Catch the Signal

They claim that you might not get water to drink at a place but will get Air'Tell' signal. Same with the mobile phones. 80% of the population still not able to afford two square meals properly, but tele density is about to touch 100%. No food? no problem... feed on mobile signal!!!  

Thursday, August 5, 2010

First Anniversary (Yeah!)

Today, i.e. on 5th of August we started this blog and didn't think that we will be able to sustain it for a year. Since we had, and you have been patient enough to read the crap all the way along... thank you very much for that. We wish that you spent/waste your time on this blog in future also.

Below is the first strip of what we would like to call as Season-2 (that sounds kinda cool) of Hoodda.

And as always, we solicit your comments (which you have sent 'so many of them' till date) for the improvement of the strip.

Nitin & Chetan
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CID Sleuthology

* One of My friends actually said that ^
*Credits - Fullu