Wednesday, October 27, 2010


You enter the department with a smile on your face and it fades away as you see the ominous notice board - Grades are out!! Shouts the notice board. Ever wondered how often this happens?.. Just before vacations... on the day of Hostel Night... On the eve of a festival... Even on your BDay :P.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Here ends CWG and... the puns. However, as India pulls a good show in medal tally everyone has almost ignored Kalmadi. Hopefully shit will hit the fan again and the end of CWG will not be the end of the farce that started before CWG.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


U utter the word CWG and it sounds funnier.
Try it, if you don't belive it!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


A few pro-poor shenanigans will definitely do no harm to already ragged image of CWG.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Independence Day

Independence from -
  • Pesky Blogs (like this)
  • Grumpy Boss and/or Shitty Job (which I believe is a univeral statement for every employee)
  • Endless Traffic (regardless of the Metro you live in, Chennai being th eexception. It is soon to be replaced by Bangalore as Metro City of South for it is becoming a more inhabitable city -which is the necessary and sufficient condition for a city to become a Metro)
  • CWG n Kalmadi (specially for Delhiites - just imagine going to CP and you will also long for the same)
  • Chors (read 'Netas')
Jai Hind!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Catch the Signal

They claim that you might not get water to drink at a place but will get Air'Tell' signal. Same with the mobile phones. 80% of the population still not able to afford two square meals properly, but tele density is about to touch 100%. No food? no problem... feed on mobile signal!!!  

Thursday, August 5, 2010

First Anniversary (Yeah!)

Today, i.e. on 5th of August we started this blog and didn't think that we will be able to sustain it for a year. Since we had, and you have been patient enough to read the crap all the way along... thank you very much for that. We wish that you spent/waste your time on this blog in future also.

Below is the first strip of what we would like to call as Season-2 (that sounds kinda cool) of Hoodda.

And as always, we solicit your comments (which you have sent 'so many of them' till date) for the improvement of the strip.

Nitin & Chetan
(send your feedbacks @ or or

CID Sleuthology

* One of My friends actually said that ^
*Credits - Fullu

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Tribute to EMLs @IIT M

This is a tribute to the awesome EML Team with which I proudly worked this academic year. And btw, IITians are not as ignorant as shown here :P

Monday, April 12, 2010


Credits: Doodh Wala for lending the idea. Enthu, MRI n Thunga for invitng to JAM Night :P

Friday, January 29, 2010


Saarang- the annual cultural fest of IIT Madras- is the harbinger of change, hope and masti in the Insti.

I will start with what happens just before Saarang. The sale of deodorants, shampoo and soap increases on the local Gurunath shop. Mannerisms becomes rampant in the campus. 3/4ths and shorts are less common among Insti guys. Shopping for clothes and accessories is in full throttle as the Insti junta takes full advantage of the end of the season sale.

On the Saarang days bathrooms are packed like anything. Even the ones who have almost forgot the word ‘bath’ haggle for their turn in their impatient chaddis. The hostels’ zone become a live olfactory Shoppe as the newly bought spirits and perfumes are applied in generous quantities. As per a survey, the amount of deo and perfume that is consumed in the Insti during Saarang far outweighs the quantity that is used otherwise during the rest of year.

This is open season at IIT M and hunt for chicks has begun.    

As the shares of outside Insti chicks soar like Sensex in good times, shares of the Insti gals (most are not chicks, so ‘gals’ will be more appropriate for the sake of majority) plummet as if it is dreaded Black Monday. One can easily spot the ‘see you after Saarang you ugly monkey’ look all over the faces of Insti gals. Vols, Coords and Cores flaunt their badges proudly- It is the next best way to plain shouting to tell the chicks that you are the much talked IITian. There are many events that facilitate ‘interaction’ of Insti junta with outsiders. Dance Workshop is one of them. How to select a girl for that? Insti junta has become wiser over the years and has learned the ropes of flirting. Usually they focus chicks from hep and ‘only for girls’ colleges like Mt Carmel and Stella Maris. They also don’t mind waiting for one full day and stalking the chick to check if she is with her boyfriend (who is not around at the moment) or talking excessively over the phone (to her boyfriend of course) to finally pop the question – ‘Hey, I am Bond and would you mind becoming my partner in Salsa workshop tomorrow’. Deal, and the fate, is sealed.

As the fest approaches the curtain calls, the crowd become less sparse. Chicks become as difficult to spot as a deer outside the campus. A nostalgic feel shrouds the campus and ‘the poor’ guy feels poorer after a glimmer of rich feel. The drought is back in the Insti and rooms, and the occupants, are shaggymax once again.