Saturday, December 22, 2012


After shameful drubbing of India against England in test series some questions have been raised. While some players were dropped summarily, other older war horses were awarded with rather softer treatment. So much so that some of the veterans have come in defence of the non-performers citing their glorious past record. But this highlights the travesty of our system. On one hand, we allegedly live in a democracy which promotes merit, on other hand we are more than willing to carry the baggage of old and redundant virtues which are hampering our progress. This double standard is evident in every field. We don't want oligarchy in administration of our sports, but are too unwilling to see our fallen heroes go at the same time. The demi-gods themselves are too sacrosanct to make way for the huge 'waiting list' talent or think of team or nation. Meritocracy is conveniently crushed by the burden of glorious past. 

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  1. Like the 'God' heard it from us!!
    Called it a day today from one day cricket!