Thursday, February 27, 2014


Haryana Institute of Public Administration or HIPA is the institute for training of Haryana Civil Servants. Preparations for state PCS is also a bit hectic and those who were through HCS exam were drafting plans of making most of the 6 months long HIPA class room training. Enjoying the warmth of quilts in December cold was one of the key items on 'Chilling-out-at-HIPA-plan' of trainee officers. Their worst nightmares came true when they learned that they will have to do compulsory PT @ 6 am in the morning in the biting cold (which  was relaxed to 7 am amid heavy protests). PT instructor Mr Rana was formerly at LBSNAA Massouri whom our DG brought to HIPA to make Haryanvi officers look more like 'officers'. Its been almost 2 months in training and everyone now appreciate that physical fitness for an officer is as important as professional competence as it increases efficiency manifolds and imparts smartness in an officer. Given the growing hectic work-culture in government offices and increasing life-style diseases, morning PT can be a good stress buster and a great fitness tool. Inculcating this habit early in career will surely pay huge dividends towards the fag end of the career as well as life.

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  1. hi nitin ! ive been reading your blogs and seeing your sketchworks. guess what you have kind of inspired me too to start writing blogs on everything around me.i hope this helps me in my answer writing and essays! haha . even i used to make cartoons in my past time but all that has ceased now owing to the imbalance in my life .nevertheless i will start again to excersise regularly and cartooning ! thanks a lot and btw congartulations for the wonderful feat .God bless you :)