Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Today is International Women’s Day. It celebrates the centuries old struggle of women for equality. Contemporary international women’s movements date back to beginning of 20th century when early rights such as equal adult suffrage and other civil rights were demanded by women. In India also this period witnessed the growth of many women’s organizations such as ‘All-India Women’s Conference’, ‘Women’s India Association’ etc. They had a pan-Indian appeal. Later in 1970s, the women’s movement resurfaced with newer liberal issues. Many victories were scored by these in India and abroad, but many battles are still to be won. In India, workforce participation of women is mere 18%. Their representation in 16th Lok Sabha is just 61 (out of 545 odd members) i.e. barely 12% – and that’s the all time high figure! Violence against women is still unabated despite plethora of legislation. This cannot change unless we remove our cultural glasses which see woman as inferior species. And to do that time is now. It is a good sign that, the day before President of India expressed concern over delay of Women’s Reservation in Legislatures Bill and today Government of India announced a belated entry of women into fighter pilot roles.


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    Firstly congrats for your achievement, and these are really awesome sketches. Actually if we see in another point of view, its really awesome way to learn current affairs and any topic. Your work is really bravo and you will reach to the great heights for sure. All The Best ahead.


  2. Wow brilliant sir. That's quite thought provoking and apt.