Monday, August 10, 2009

Hoodda is here

This is the first strip I made. It was way back in first year when one of my friend suggested this idea of coming with a cartoon strip. At that time I was unaware of any other strip untill the same friend told about 'Arbit Choudhury' from some guys of NITIE. I was impressed by their work, but at the same time found their art-work of not so good quality. I thought myself- 'We can also give a shot, and perhaps can come up with something better'. Within two days I decided upon the character and made the maiden strip. It was circulated without dialogues in the class and garnered good response. But we made a fundamental mistake there. We were a motley group of some ten friends and I assigned all of them to come up with ideas and I decided to convert them into cartoons. Thus born- Hoodda. Why name Hoodda? Actually it is after one of best friends who was very funny, mischievous, and what not. I was and am very influenced by his style, his one liners and his unbeatable 'Haajirjawabi' But, as they say- Everybody's responsibility is nobody's responsibility. The strip didn't budge beyond its first edition. During my internship I revisted the idea and decided to prune the team and zeroed down to only one person- Chetan, one of my class mate and good friend at DoMS. And despite our hectic schedule at internship (:D), we decided to go ahead with ideation and putting ideas on paper. within two months we made almost ten strips, some good some not so good, which will be published on this page on regular intervals. This maiden strip is the original diologuless strip which was made one year back. I think the strip is self explanatory, or atleast I was told so when I showed it to junta. Here it is (Click the cartoon to enlarge)-

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