Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Recent announcement of Jaat reservation in OBC by cabinet elicited varied reactions. Jaats are termed as ‘dominant caste’ in North India by noted sociologists like M N Srinivas and have assumed position of ‘bullock capitalists’ in post-green-revolution era. They have, for long, dominated the political arena in state of Haryana where Jaat reservation movement gained utmost momentum in recent times. Recent announcement regarding reservation has also raised some fundamental issues vis-à-vis reservation policy itself. Many have argued about the very notion of reservation and its efficacy in past 65 years. Reservation may be a symbolic victory, but its benefits are likely to be reaped by a small section of the purported beneficiaries. Benefits percolate to the bottom of pyramid in a community too slowly and it might well be a time to reflect upon this policy afresh. Some other rational criterion like ‘economic criteria’ may be pondered upon in a re-engineered model of social empowerment to implement concept of reservation.

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