Thursday, January 8, 2015


Gruesome attack on Charlie Hebdo yesterday was another blatant example of attempts to stifle the freedom of expression. There can be an endless argument over what are the limits to religious sensitivity, but no religion or god will ever permit murders for violation of those thresholds of religious sensitivity. On the one hand it is argued, that religion provides hope, the extremists are trying to exemplify rather the opposite. No god can be so weak that it need to instill fear among the minds of its children to command respect from them. This misrepresentation of religious tenets must stop for the very survival of the religions which such extremists want to protect. The recent killing reminds me of a dialogue from the movie PK that 'I just lost one of my friends when they tried to protect their god...'. In Charlie Hebdo case, we lost 12 of our friends and perhaps many more may have still to sacrifice their lives before we realize that essence of all religions is in making lives better, and not taking them away.

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